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HIL (now HILL) 3-7-03 to 9-2-03

This was by far my biggest and best holding of the entire 2003 run and I didn’t even think it existed anymore because the new HIL is not the old HIL. The old HIL, I thought, was gone. It wasn’t and is now under the ticker symbol HILL. This stock was HOT, HOT, perfect HOT as it went on to produce a whopping 342% gain in six months and one week. This was my personal greatest stock since LMLP and I have not had stock since that has allowed me to pyramid in like this one did. Even from the very last purchase to the top, a 95% gain could have been realized in three months and one week. 2003 was by far the greatest year I have ever seen in the stock market.

the first buy:


the second buy:


the third buy:


the fourth buy:


the fifth buy:


the sixth buy:


the seventh buy:


the first sell:


the eighth buy:


the biggest sell:


the top (three days later a HUGE VOLUME REVERSAL ended the run):


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  1. BTW, based on return SINA, SOHU, NTES, and TASR (TASR being by far the biggest) were bigger returns. But the amount of money invested in these did not get to the point HIL did because HIL setup in SO MANY perfect buy points.

    Just a little, fwiw.

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