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CAMT 9-8-03 to 2-12-04

CAMT was a great long and even though it was a lower priced stock the chart pattern was very perfect on a price and volume aspect. BOP was very good but not great. However, it did not matter as it was good enough with that fantastic price and volume action that led up to the breakout. From the bounce/breakout off the 50 DMA to the climax run’s top, CAMT produced an incredible 403% gain in a short 5 months and one week. Sadly, due to the stock’s price, I did not “load-up” on this one. But I definitely was not shy with this clear speculative gem. Just further proof that you do NOT have to buy the ABSOLUTE bottom in the stock market to make a TON! of money in a very short time. a 403% gain in 5 months and one week on 4-to-1 margin from IB is a nice little annualized return over twelve months. Don’t believe the LIES of con-artist on CNBC that tell you that you MUST buy the panic lows to make big money; it is a bunch of hubris!

the buy:


the first big sell:


the top (the day after my biggest sell):


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