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NTES 7-30-02/10-29-02 to 10-13-03

NTES is being posted much later than SINA and SOHU because I did not load up on NTES like I did SINA and SOHU. Instead I got in NTES way before the other two but from those early small longs, a move below the 50 DMA scared me out of most of the longs. However, a better setup followed and I was able to pyramid into this stock a couple more times, making this a pretty great long despite it not being an extremely large position. From my very first small purchase (too bad I didn’t load up, huh?) to the ultimate top of this run, this stock gained 3,700% in 14 1/2 months. Once again, another huge winner that avoided short-term capital gains. However, this position did not affect the accounts like the real purchases did from those purchases below to the top, these buys gained me 1540%, 815%, and 320% within anywhere between 7 1/2 months to 11 1/2 months. Another great long in another great bull market. The market we are currently in is the exact 180 opposite of the market of 2003. Patience will be rewarded, like it always is.

the first small buy:


the second small buy:


the first real buy:


the second real buy:


the first sell:


the third real buy:


the big sell:


the ultimate top to this run:


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