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MOBE 5-22-03 to 12-2-03

This was one of the stocks that I loaded up on as it continued higher due to the excellent price, huge accumulation volume, and max green BOP pattern. From the first purchase on 5-22 to the top on 12-2, MOBE gained 536% in six months and a little over one week. However, I did not load up until the breakout on huge volume the next day and with that purchase the stock rallied 406% from my purchase price to the top. The biggest sale came on 10-21 as I had already had received some huge gains in the stock, the stock seemed to be getting extended, and there were SO MANY max green BOP filled stocks setting up in proper bases I felt I had to move. The gain from the buy on 5-23 to the 10-21 sell was 335%. Not bad at all for a five month long.

the first buy:


the second buy–the big one:


first partial sell:


the third buy:


second partial sell:



the tiny final buy:


the big sell:


the ultimate top:


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