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DITC 4-28/7-8-03 to 1-20-04

DITC was a great long for yours truly but the first buy was very small and it wasn’t till a couple of months later that it formed the pattern I love. That is when I got a lot of this stock. From that point on to its ultimate top DITC was not only a fantastic long to be a part of but it was an easy hold with some clear climax selling points along the way that ensured some extremely strong gains could be held onto. From the initial purchase to the ultimate top, DITC produced a 504% gain in eight months and a week. But since the big buy was on 7-8-03 we will focus more on that return which was an extremely impressive 334% in six months and two weeks. As you keep on witnessing, buying bounces off the 50 DMA/breakout to new 52-week highs on very strong volume are some of the best plays you can come across. Especially when that BOP has been green to max green and stays that way on the breakout.

the first buy:


the real buy:


the pyramid buy:


the first sell:


the ultimate top:


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