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SINA 10-28-02 to 1-26-04

SINA was a great long and even though I did not buy a lot on the first buy, the second and third purchases were very large and this leading stock in the leading internet sector during that very bullish market provided some huge returns. From the first purchase to the final top, the total gain was 1642% in one year and three months. However, it was the move on 11/14/02 that convinced me this stock was the real deal as SOHU and NTES were moving with it and the group was #1 on the IBD list proving that at the start of a bull market the best stocks are the stocks that are already in the top of the performance categories. That purchase to the top returned a whopping 1207% and was just one more stock that made the year 2003 the greatest year in my investing life. From the first buy to the first sell (1/24/03) the stock gained 274% and from the big buy on 11/14/02 the stock gained 181%. After pulling back at the start of 2003, the stock setup in a nice base and, just like SOHU and on the exact same day, the stock broke back above the 50 DMA on very strong volume. From that move over the 50 DMA to the ultimate top the stock gained 431%. But before the ultimate top came I was pretty much completely out of the stock after the 9/23/03 session. From that third buy to the 9/23/03 top the stock returned 377% and from 11/14/02 (the big buy) to 9/23/03 the stock gained 1073% (1463% from 10/28/02). However, from the first buy to the ultimate top, the stock gained 1642% in one year and three months and 1463% in one year and three weeks. I was more of a SOHU guy back then and I did go long more SOHU than SINA but my large SOHU buy was the March 2003 purchase which netted me a very large 250% gain. But my 2000% return on SOHU came from a very small buy. At least with SINA, the 1000% return came from a larger initial stake. As you can see by the few GREEN AND HOT stocks I have posted already, 2003 was indeed a great year.

the first buy:



the biggest buy:



the first sell:


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the big sell:


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