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CACI (now CAI) 4-4-01 to 6-13-01 58%

This was an awkward stock for me in a way as, according to my records, I bought a lot more with each additional buy than the first. That must have been a testament to how poor the market was. It wasn’t a video game stock so I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase a lot since the market was so weak. Instead, I decided that if it showed me a gain and the chart continued to get more green I would buy more and more. That worked out very well. My first buy was small but my second buy was very large. So we will consider that the first big buy and will measure my gains by that purchase (since the first is too small–that would be cheating). The buy that I LOADED up on was 5/9. It looked so perfect breaking out of that short base with the big surge in volume and the BOP exploding higher to a max green BOP. The BOP being green to max green almost the entire way from February was just too hot. Around 6/11 I started selling when the stock started making higher highs on lower volume. My final sell came on 6/15 as the stock sold off on higher volume. Of course, now, I would not have sold it. But back then the market had me nervous and I jumped ship too early. Had I waited I would have walked away with a 189% gain by the time the top came on 12/28/01. But that one pullback not me out of my whole position. Nowadays, I would have just sold my HUGE buy on 5/9 and held the rest. Instead I walked away with a 58% gain from the 4/4 buy, a 50% gain from the 4/18 buy, and a 22% gain from the LARGE 5/9 buy. From the 4/4 buy to the final sell it was 43%. This was the most interesting stock out of all of my longs during the 2000-2002 bear market based on the potential reward, lost gains, insane market action, and price action.

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