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THQI 3-23-01 to 6-29-01

This one followed ATVI as it showed up the very next day with a very green chart (which was very very rare during this time), on the short-term, and since this was a top sector it was impossible to pass on ATVI’s brother. By the end of the run, which was a little over a week later than ATVI’s top, THQI produced a 65% gain in a little over three months. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but as you will see by the end of the best winners series of early 2001 there were very few green to max green BOP beauties that setup in proper bases. Most when they broke out were either too extended or the ones that bounced off the 50 DMA with max green BOP came from severe downtrends. Very few looked like the stocks you see posted here.

the buy:


the top:


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