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COCO 8-1-00 to 3-9-01

COCO was one of my best performers during the bear market that started at the beginning of September. I have no clue why we don’t get many that look like this nowadays in our bear market. Because as you will see there are going to be a few more during this time (8 more I believe, without looking) which makes the worst bear market I have seen look more bullish than today’s wild choppy crazy-go-nowhere market. Interesting huh? I mean I guess we have a lot of winners now but not may will look like what you are seeing here. Sure we have RICK but let’s look at the rest of our current top winners:

top current holdings: MOS 431% YGE 120% CSIQ 77% NTLS 71% RICK 145% GMO 57% ANO 301% FSLR 330% MTL 100% WG 79% CCC 99% CNH 149% MCF 71% SFLY 50% ASTI 123% IHS 235% KOP 53% DECK 249% AUXL 78%

top current shorts: CLP 30% COH 26% SHOO 23% MI 20%

Do you see anything there, besides RICK, that looks like COCO? Nope. Like I said, COCO was one of my best performers that I took a big position in (don’t forget!, this stock was $24 when I went long; it was not $6–there were three 2-for-1 splits) and I was rewarded with a 151% return in seven months and one week.

the buy:


the top:



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  1. COCO can’t hit for shit though.

  2. well he has a ring so i can’t argue when he has that.

    he wasn’t that bad:

    Avg HR RBI Runs SB
    .268 6 60 85 28

    That is pretty darn good for his size. 6’0 180

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